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Energy Manager, Portable Power Systems Manager, Director S&T for Energy, Program Manager Fuel Cells, Director for Energy, Energy Program Specialist, Power and Energy Acquisition Specialist, Energy Project Manager, Energy Scientist, Energy Analyst, Energy Engineer, Senior Advanced Energy Specialist, Director Energy Performance, Energy and Utilities Manager, Energy and Sustainability R&D, Energy Specialist, Energy Systems Technician, VP of Operations Energy, Director of Operations, PM Operational Energy, Program Lead Storage, Power and Energy Systems Researcher, Chief Energy and Power Division, Special Assistant for Energy, Program Lead Stationary Storage, Energy Surety SME, Director Business Development, Head of Integrated Deployable Solutions, Director of Energy Solutions, President Military and Energy, VP Strategy and Growth, VP Strategy and Business Development, Director S&T and Energy, Military Energy Marketing Consultant, Military Energy Sales Manager, Energy Economist, Lead Associate Operational Energy, Executive Director Energy, Electrification Director, Energy and Water Program Manager